Woodland Pattern Book Center
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  2nd Annual Midwest Small Press Festival
Opening Reception & Reading
w/ Dana Ward & Catherine Wagner
Friday, May 31, 6:30pm

Catherine Wagner The author of four full-length collections of poems, Catherine Wagner was born in Burma during the Vietnam War to American military parents, and spent her early childhood in the Philippines, Indonesia, Yemen, and India before moving to the U.S. She received her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop (where she studied with Jorie Graham and Donald Revell) and PhD from the University of Utah. She has written criticism on Barbara Guest, Leslie Scalapino, and Harryette Mullen, among others, and has published chapbooks through the Dusie collective and other small presses. Her poems appear in the Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry and Out of Everywhere: Linguistically Innovative Poetry by Women in North America and the UK, among other anthologies. She's currently an Associate Professor of English at Miami University in Ohio.

Listen to Cathy.

Dana Ward Dana Ward is the author of several books of poetry, most recently The Crisis of Infinite Worlds (Futurepoem), and also including This Can't Be Life (Edge Books). Some Other Deaths of Bas Jan Ader is forthcoming from Flowers and Cream. He lives in Cincinnati where he hosts the Cy Press Poetry @ Thunder Sky reading series, and edits, along with Paul Coors, Perfect Lovers Press.

Listen to Dana.

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In addition to the reading there will be a special panel discussion:

Making a Case for Collaboration: Exploring the Correlation Between Community-Building and Multidisciplinary Practice

with mIEKAL aND, Lane Hall, and Jennifer Karmin

This panel will investigate the benefits and constraints of working with others and the role of multidisciplinary practice in the fostering of creative communities.

After the panel, please follow the Festival to Riverwest Film & Video (824 E. Center Street) for an evening of collaboration led by the panel members.

Jennifer Karmin Jennifer Karmin is a poet, artist, and educator who has published, performed, exhibited, taught, and experimented with language across the U.S., Japan, Kenya, and Europe. In Chicago, she curates the Red Rover reading series and is co-founder of the public art group Anti Gravity Surprise. Her multidisciplinary projects have been presented at festivals, artist-run spaces, and on city streets including the Poetry Project (NY), the Walker Art Center (MN), Split This Rock (DC), Links Hall (IL), Betalevel (CA), the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (MI), and Woodland Pattern Book Center (WI). She is a proud member of the Dusie Kollektiv and a Community Aesthetician for Les Figues Press. Jennifer teaches creative writing at Columbia College Chicago and at Truman College, where she works with immigrants. During the summer of 2013, she will be a guest faculty member at Naropa University. She earned her BA in the Poetics Program at the University of Buffalo and MFA in the Writing Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Flim Forum Press published her text-sound epic Aaaaaaaaaaalice in 2010.

Lane Hall Lane Hall and his partner Lisa Moline have been working collaboratively for over 15 years. Their work focuses on site-specific installations, narrative forms and the visualization of science and nature. The work presents an associative reinterpretation of natural sciences, and focuses on the non-sentimental depiction of nature, exploring the boundaries between the natural and the technological.

Hall is a member of the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he teaches experimental narrative and the avant-garde.

mIEKAL aND mIEKAL aND is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia for the Macintosh, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions. His hypermedia works reside at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast. Recent work has focused on activating online collaborative workspaces where writers & media artists can create collective digital works in a real time environment.

Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia / permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin. And devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts. 1998 marked the creation of THE DRIFTLESS GROTTO OF WEST LIMA, a permanent public grotto/park/installation which when finished will feature a bird-operated time machine in a 25" blue glass tower.

All Midwest Small Press Festival events are FREE and open to the public.

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