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Event Calendar
special events
April 21

Join us for the 13th annual RIVERWEST FOLLIES variety show

April 22

ACL presents Renee Baker Quartet, Visual Dark Scratch Suite

April 22

Woman: Frailty Thy Name, works by Renee Baker

readings & workshops
April 25

Reading: Toni Jensen

readings & workshops
April 26

Four Milwaukee Poets: Alix Anne Shaw with Annie Grizzle, Sam Pekarske & Bethany Price

readings & workshops
April 28

Wisconsin Reads: Reading with Louise Erdrich (video streamed to Woodland Pattern)

readings & workshops
May 2

Poetry Reading: Rena Priest and Denise Low

readings & workshops
May 2

Craft Talk with Denise Low at UWM

readings & workshops
May 10

Birds in Poetry at Urban Ecology Center

May 13

Alternating Currents Live presents: The Transatlantic Bridge #11

readings & workshops
May 16

Kundiman Midwest Chapbook Series Noel Pabillo Mariano

May 17

Formations Series for New & Improvised Music

readings & workshops
May 24

Poetry Reading: Urban Echo Poets

June 3

ACL presents: Tom Hamilton & City of Vorticity

Archived exhibitions
May 9 May 9 - May 13
7:00pm, $6 members | $7 students/seniors | $8 general

Artist Residency: May 9-13, 2006

Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

The following events are part of a 5-day artist residency in Milwaukee sponsored by Woodland Pattern Book Center. They are made possible by the Mary L. Nohl Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation with support from the Friends of the Golda Meir Library. Woodland Pattern will also display an exhibition of seven of Ms. Chen's handmade books throughout the month of May.

Julie Chen, MA Book Arts, Mills College, is proprietor of Flying Fish Press in Berkeley, where she creates and publishes many sculptural, limited-edition artist's books. She teaches bookmaking workshops around the country and is on the Mills College faculty. Flying Fish Press, established by Chen in 1987, is dedicated to the design and production of books that combine the quality and craftsmanship of traditional letterpress printing with the innovation and visual excitement of contemporary non-traditional book structures and modern typography. There is an emphasis on book structures that can function both traditionally as books and sculpturally as objects to be displayed. Editions range in size from 10-150 copies. While Chen is currently focusing solely on the publication of her own artists' books, the press has had a rich history of producing collaborative projects with other visual artists such as Nance O'Banion and Lois Morrison.



Free Public Lecture with Julie Chen
UWM Book FOR[u]Ms Book Artist Series
Wednesday, May 10, 7pm
Special Collections
Fourth Floor, UWM Library
2311 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee

To register call 414-263-5001

The Magic Window Shade & Other Movable Mechanisms
Thursday, May 11, 6-9pm
$75/$70 members
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

In this workshop participants will get an introduction to paper engineering and explore some really cool movable mechanisms that can be used in artists' books. The focus of the class will be the magic window shade in which a scene that appears in a window transforms into a different scene with the pull of a tab. This mechanism has a much stronger appearance of a magical illusion than many other standard changing scene structures. Other mechanisms will be introduced as time permits. Participants will create visual content for their mechanisms using the instructor's extraordinary traveling collection of rubber stamps. Basic bookmaking experience is required.

Folded Book Structures: A Class for Milwaukee School Teachers
Friday, May 12
Teachers, please call 414-263-5001 for more info

There are a variety of book structures that rely on simple origami-style paper folding to create book pages with a lot of visual impact. In this workshop, participants will explore a number of variations including the Turkish map fold. Many of these folded structures can be used either as inserts in existing book projects or to create entire folded books. No previous bookmaking experience is necessary.

Tunnel Book
Saturday, May 13, 1-4pm
$75/$70 members
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

The tunnel book uses a structure that folds down flat when closed, but provides an intriguing three-dimensional diorama-like space when opened for display. It is a great structure for housing a visual landscape or theater-like scene. In this workshop, each participant will create a tunnel book complete with contents developed using the instructor's extraordinary traveling collection of rubber stamps. No previous bookmaking experience is necessary. 

To register please contact Woodland Pattern at 263-5001.