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November 19

Poetry Reading: Santee Frazier & Franklin K.R. Cline

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November 21

Offsite Talk: Native American Identity & the Politics of the Poetic Image 

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December 3

Ultimate Truth Poetry Reading and Book Release

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December 6

Heddy Keith author of Through it All

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December 9

Poetry Reading: Tonya M. Foster & Samiya Bashir

December 10

Alternating Currents Live presents Nicole Mitchell Quartet

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January 27 -28

24th Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit

Paul Druecke

Paul Druecke's projects employ a range of approaches—literary, interventionist, photographic—that build upon and cross-reference one another. His work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial and has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe. A co-authored discussion of his work will be included in the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to Public Art. He's an invited 2014 Resident at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin. Two books, Life and Death on the Bluffs (2014), and The Last Days of John Budgen Jr. (2010), have been published by Green Gallery Press.

Selected Poems

from Life and Death on the Bluffs


*     *     *

We agreed there should be a chorus, but disagreed about its cadence, substance, the potential of collective voice. Reasonableness needed to be open to interpretation. I proposed the well-intentioned troupe morph into an unruly group of tricksters, situational absolutists, irreverent in their complexity. My chorus jangled. Like a riotous pack of drunkards, they shouted from the edge of the stage and insulted the myths of fate and justice.

*     *     *

Traffic jams are community events of a sort, people sharing the same experience through the technology of the automobile. A technology at once utopian and alienating, numbing and visceral. Traffic flows smoothly past the burial mound, she watched the relentless stream of unfamiliar faces reminding her that everyone travels with their own importance.

*     *     *

Everyone travels with their own knowing.

*     *     *