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  The Bridge #4
Alternating Currents Live presents

The Bridge #4
Sunday, May 4, 7pm


Mwata Bowden (baritone sax, clarinet)
Rob Mazurek (cornet)
Matt Lux (electric bass guitar)
Julien Desprez (electric guitar)
Mathieu Sourisseau (acoustic bass guitar)

The Bridge #4: Mwata Bowden, Rob Mazurek, Matt Lux, Julien Desprez, Mathieu Sourisseau

This ensemble is born from the meeting of individuals who answered the call of "The Bridge," a transatlantic exchange network between musicians in Chicago and France. Rob Mazurek and Matt Lux have known each other for a long time (Isotope 217) and have frequently collaborated in the orchestras that Mazurek ceaselessly imagines (Exploding Star Orchestra, Pharoah and the Underground, Pulsar Quartet). Thanks to this quintet, they have the opportunity to actually perform with a beloved Chicago musician, Mwata Bowden, former AACM President, director of several ensembles at the University of Chicago, and recipient of the 2013 Chicago Jazz Hero Award. Similarly, Julien Desprez and Mathieu Sourisseau have never played together, but they have both taken part in collective adventures that have caused a stir in France's improvised music in the last few years (the Coax Collective, Tigre des Platanes). They have both crossed paths with numerous Chicago musicians: Hamid Drake, Michael Zerang, and David Grubbs. The Chicago musicians are not reluctant with such combinations, for they are naturally and culturally used to the unusual, as illustrated by the involvement of Bowden with the Chi-Lites and Muhal Richard Abrams; Mazurek with Stereolab and Bill Dixon; Lux with Iron & Wine and George Freeman.
-Alexandre Pierpont, 2014

This concert is Woodland Pattern's third cooperative venture with the Transatlantic Bridge, a network of exchange, production, and diffusion bringing French and American musicians together in collaborations that place emphasis and responsibility in the hands of the musicians, rather than in the hands of curators or promoters.

Julien Desprez and Mathieu Sourisseau's international tour is supported by Institut Français/Région Bretagne, République Française, SACEM, Le Fonds pour la Creation Musicale, and United States of America Department of State.

The Bridge - transatlantic network for creative music

WMSEThis concert is brought to you by the Alternating Currents Live series, broadcast on WMSE (91.7) FM, Milwaukee.

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