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Alternating Currents Live: Making Sounds Musical
  Tim Daisy + Jason Stein Duo
Alternating Currents Live presents

Tim Daisy + Jason Stein Duo
Sunday, June 29, 7 p.m.

Tim Daisy Tim Daisy is a Chicago based percussionist, composer, and educator working in the fields of improvised and composed music. Born and raised in northeastern Illinois, he moved to Chicago in 1997 and has since performed, recorded, and toured with many musicians and ensembles from both the USA and abroad, including Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg-Holm, James Falzone, Dave Rempis, John Tchicai, Mars Williams, Joe McPhee, Michael Zerang, and Frank Rosaly. Tim also maintains an active touring schedule and has traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe. Working in a number of different environments, he has composed for solo percussion, chamber groups, jazz ensembles, dance, theater, and film.

Jason Stein Jason Stein is one of the few musicians working today to focus entirely on the bass clarinet as a jazz and improvisational instrument. He studied at Bennington College with Charles Gayle and Milford Graves, and at the University of Michigan with Donald Walden and Ed Sarath. In 2005, Stein moved to Chicago and has since recorded for such labels as Leo, Delmark, Atavistic, 482 Music, and Clean Feed. He has performed with Michael Moore, Jeff Parker, Rudi Mahall, Ken Vandermark, Rob Mazurek, Jeb Bishop, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Urs Leimgruber, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Peter Brötzmann, and many others..

WMSEThis concert is brought to you by the Alternating Currents Live series, broadcast on WMSE (91.7) FM, Milwaukee.

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