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18th Annual Poetry Marathon Benefit Reading

Saturday, January 28, 2012
10am till 1am

Every year, on the last Saturday of January, dozens of local and regional poets, writers, and performers show their support for Woodland Pattern by participating in its Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit. Each writer presents five minutes of work to a packed house and raises pledge money the supports Woodland Pattern programming for the coming year.

Hundreds of people faithfully turn out for this vibrant community event. Last year's Marathon drew an audience of over 500 people, and featured 143 readers. Through the funds brought in by readers and the generosity of donors, we were able to further support programming for Woodland Pattern during the calendar year of 2011. We expect to have another great turnout in 2012 and hope that you can be a part of our legacy!

You can help invigorate the literary arts community in Milwaukee by participating in the Poetry Marathon. It is not too late to sign up to read, become a donor, or begin to tell friends about the event. We hope to see you on January 28th: your spirit and energy is as important as anything in kicking off another year of great poetry and art at Woodland Pattern.

Call 414.263.5001 or drop by the store to sign up!

Readers: please print and fill out the Sponsor Pledge Form.

FYI: How to Solicit Marathon Sponsorship

Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon Check List
____ remember the date: January 28th
____ remember your time slot: _______
____ select your best work, but stick to the 5-minute limit!
____ solicit sponsors and collect pledge payments
____ arrive at Woodland Pattern 15 minutes early
and bring your pledge form and payments with you.

A very big thanks to our event underwriters and sponsors who have already committed to supporting this special event.

Riverwest Currents
Direct Supply, Inc.
Reuter Insurance
Beans & Barley
AllWriters' Workplace & Workshop
Bultman Financial Services
The Plaza Hotel
Padway & Padway
Seven Sisters & Seven Suns Catering
Purple Door Ice Cream
88.9 FM Radio Milwaukee
Publishing Genius Press
Pizza Shuttle

2012 Marathon Schedule
10-11 am
An hour of readings from kids that have participated in Woodland Pattern's programming.

Paul McComas
Lucille Rosenberg
Ethel Oliensis
John Tyson
Sally Tolan
Eloisa Gomez
Greg Flegel
Anne Reis
Kathleen Klein
Michael Yanny

noon-1 pm
Ronnie Hess
C.X. Dillhunt
Guy Yasko
James Roberts
Amy Prasad
John Sierpinski
Cele Bona
Karen Haley
Barb Tabak
Molly Snyder

1-2 pm
Kim Suhr
Robert Vaughan
Judith Zukerman
Sharon Foley
Mary Steinert-Ng
Marjorie Pagel
Laurel Landis
Eric Hansen
Aline Mohr
Emily Berthoff

2-3 pm
Joel Ottenstein
Janet Leahy
Katy Phillips
Marsha Roberts
Nancy Rafal
Michael Farmer
Cary Fellman
Earl Jude
Charlesetta Thompson
Martha Kaplan

3-4 pm
Kathleen Dale
Koshin/Bob Hanson
Patty Paul
Ed Werstein
Tom Erickson
Phyllis Wax
Helen Padway
Mark Zimmerman
Kim Parsons
Marilyn Taylor

4-5 pm
Lisa Vihos
Suzanne Rosenblatt
Betty Priebe
Phyllis Berentsen
Frank Berentsen
Janine Arseneau
Bill Seidler
Lenore Lee
Maria Scott
Dale Ritterbusch

5-6 pm
Susanna Carlson
Eddee Daniel
Charles Rossiter
Jeff Poniewaz
Bonnie Blackwell
Lynn Fitzgerald
Lynn West
Vito Carli
David Schaefer

6-7 pm
Chris Austin
Steve Anderson
Paul Enea
Elliot Lipchik
Steve Pump
Barbara Wuest
Joan Miller
Sally Kuzma
Susan Firer
Jim Hazard

7-8 pm
JoAnn Chang
Peter Goldberg
Reed Conway
Joshua David Lickteig
Kimberly Blanchette
Sheryl Slocum
Steve Platt
Nick Ramsey
Frank Berg
Richard Rose

8-9 pm
Jennifer Kraft
Anthony Brandl
Dirk Velvet
Paul August
Harvey Taylor
Chuck Stebelton
Cathy Cunningham
Timur Gritsevskiy
Roberto Harrison
John Koethe

9-10 pm
Mike Hauser
Robert J. Baumann
Karl Gartung
Carl Bogner
Sara Caron
Paul Drueke
Joe Riepenhoff
Marisa Wall
Marie Larson
Faith Barrett

10-11 pm
Nikki Wallschlaeger
Robin Christie
Angie Trudell Vasquez
Brenda Cardenas
Lynn Edwards
Abby Gambrel
Ching-In Chen
Jackie Lalley
Dawn Tefft
Anne Shaw

Paul Vogel
David J. White
Paul Schwarzkopf
Nick Demske
Bethany Price
Nancy Goodman-Driver
Jessica Poor
Lisa Wolph
Judy Dubrosky
Kari Freitag

midnight-1 am
Laura Goldstein
Jennifer Karmin
Dan Godston
Wesley Tank

6 slots left

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