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19th Annual Poetry Marathon Benefit Reading

Saturday, January 26, 2013
10am till 1am

Participating in Woodland Pattern's Annual Poetry Marathon is one way you can invigorate the arts community in Milwaukee while also diversifying your experience of poetry and literature. Come join the hundreds of artists and other fine minds who attend this event every year to share their work, discover new writing, meet up with friends, enjoy snacks, and support Woodland Pattern.

Sign up as a reader and present five minutes of work. It's okay if it's not poetry! It's okay if it's not your work! Share anything that you want people to hear!

Woodland Pattern 2012 Marathon 9pm Hour
Woodland Pattern 2012 Marathon 9pm Hour: L-R, Paul Druecke, Carl Bogner, Marisa Wall, Joe Riepenhoff, Mike Hauser, Karl Gartung, Robert J. Baumann, Marie Larson

As a reader, you support Woodland Pattern programming in literature and the arts by raising at least $35 in pledges. The top three fundraising readers will receive prizes.

Individual pledges can be for any amount: ask family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to support you and Woodland Pattern with a pledge. If you would like to pledge a rogue poet, simply contact us.

To reserve your spot in the Marathon lineup or for more information, call 414.263.5001 or stop by the store. Spots will go fast!

You or your company can underwrite an hour of the Marathon for as little as $350. Contact Rob at 414.263.5001 or robertb@woodlandpattern.org.

Readers: please print and fill out the Sponsor Pledge Form.

A very big thanks to our event sponsors who have already committed to supporting this special event.
Direct Supply, Inc.
Janine Arseneau
Marilyn Taylor
David Reuter & Associates
RedBird-RedOak Writing
Tilton & Tilton Law Offices
Padway & Padway Law Offices
7 Sisters 7 Suns Catering
Stone Creek Coffee

2013 Marathon Schedule
10-11 am
Miles Mathias
Noreen Evensen
Earl Jude
Raquel Lauritzen
Erica Walburg
Mary Ali-Masai
Thea Kovac
Mary Ryan
John Walsh

1 open slot
Vijay Kulkarni
Lucy Rosenberg
Michael Mahr
Greg Flegel
Daniel Abant
Charlesetta Thompson
Frank Dettloff
Patty Paul
Kathleen Dale
Peter Blewett
noon-1 pm
John Sierpinski
Susan Conway
Carolyn Vargo
Karen Haley
Josef Bieniek
Josie Hymes
Reginald Hymes
Michael Yanny
Molly Snyder

1 open slot
1-2 pm
Kim Suhr
Sharon Foley
Mary Steinert-Ng
Joyce Evans-Campbell
Joel Ottenstein
Wes Tank
Cary Fellman

2-3 pm
Jeff Poniewaz
Suzanne Rosenblatt
Charles Rossiter
Eddee Daniel
Katy Phillips
Janet Leahy
Marsha Roberts
Judith Zukerman

3-4 pm
Bob Hanson
Lenore Lee
Ed Werstein
Kim Parsons
Tom Erickson
Helen Padway
Sheryl Slocum
Barbara Prendergast
Mark Zimmermann
Frank Berentsen

4-5 pm
Phyllis Berentsen
Sue Blaustein
Susan Winecki
Ethel Oliensis
Sally Tolan
Troy Yancey
Janine Arseneau
Diane Bezella
Jackie Reid Dettloff
Sarah Rosenblatt
5-6 pm
JoAnn Chang
Freesin McKee
Mary Lux
Jessica Sleider
Heddy Keith
Angie Vasquez
Rufina Garay
Robin Christie
Suzanne Bergen
Jane Koenig

6-7 pm
Barbara Lightner
Peter Goldberg
Susan Firer
Terry Zimmer
Rick Ollman
Chris Christie
Mary Devitt
Jim Stevens
Darlene Rzeszotarski
Martha Kaplan
7-8 pm
Bill Seidler
Steve Pump
Sally Kuzma
Elliot Lipchik
Paul Enea
Chris Austin
Steven Anderson
Lobo Di Noccento
Harvey Taylor

8-9 pm
Abby Gambrel
Karl Gartung
John Koethe
Barbara Wuest
Cathy Cunningham
Mike Hauser
Lane Hall
Roberto Harrison
Brenda Cardenas
Carl Bogner

9-10 pm
Nick Demske
Mary Hawley
Nick Ramsey
Steve Platt
Peg Rousar-Thompson
Shani Tikiah
John Dey
Dan Nielsen
Kelsey Gray
Christian Calderon
10-11 pm
Peter Blenski
Ching-In Chen
Jackie Lalley
Anne Shaw
Colleen Abel
Eric Jefferson
Nakeysha Roberts Washington
Kara van de Graaf
Dawn Tefft
David P. Press
Anja Sieger
Carmen A. Murguia
Marie Mellott
Robert J. Baumann
Chuck Stebelton
Dan Godston
Jennifer Karmin
Daniela Olszewska
midnight-1 am
Kathleen Klein
Keith Gaustad
Chelsea Tadeyeske
Jean Dean
Robert Drucker
Bethany Price

4 open slots

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