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  An Evening with Walter Mosley
An Evening with Walter Mosley
Woodland Pattern November Anniversary Celebration
Friday, November 18, 2011
@ The Hamilton
(823 E. Hamilton St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202)

5:30pm Reception
7:00pm Performance

Walter Mosley Author of more than 34 critically acclaimed books, including the major bestselling mystery series featuring Easy Rawlins, Walter Mosley didn't begin seeing himself as a writer until his mid-thirties when, after completing an undergraduate degree in political science, abandoning a doctoral program in political theory and working in computers for several years, he enrolled in a writing course at City College in Harlem. There, Irish novelist Edna O'Brien encouraged Mosley: "You're Black, Jewish, with a poor upbringing," she said. "There are riches therein." Since then, Mosley has written every day, seen his work translated into 23 languages, and won numerous awards, including an O. Henry, a Grammy, a PEN America Lifetime Achievement Award, and the NAACP Image Award.

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In his most recent title, Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation, Mosley draws from this intimate knowledge of addiction and recovery in order to explore the deviances of contemporary America and describe a society in thrall to its own consumption, while also outlining a means to get beyond such oppressive forces. His reading at The Hamilton will focus on The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, a literary novel that "charts new territory in the exploration of the complex tensions at the heart of race in America." Ptolemy Grey is set for a trade paperback release later this month.

Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation by Walter Mosley The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley When The Thrill Is Gone by Walter Mosley
Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation: $12.00
Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: $25.95
When the Thrill is Gone: $26.95
The reception portion of the Anniversary Celebration will offer a chance to mingle not only with Mosley, but also with a host of Milwaukee's own prominent literary personalities and philanthropists. In addition, Hal Rammel, curator of the Woodland Pattern-hosted Alternating Currents Live concert series, internationally renowned drummer Jon Mueller, and guitarist Chris Rosenau (Collections of Colonies of Bees, Volcano Choir) will spin classic 78 records from their private collections in the Hamilton's bar.

The evening also will honor long-time Woodland Pattern supporters Daisy Cubías and Lucille Rosenberg.

Daisy CubíasDaisy Cubías, a native of El Salvador, is a poet, educator, and a long-time human rights activist. Much of her poetry and activism is a response to the horror and tragedy of events in her native country. Her poem, "Why Women Wear High Heels," is permanently displayed at the Frontier Airlines Center. She is co-author of a novel for young people, Journey of the Sparrows, which won the 1991 International Women for Peace and Freedom Janet Adams Award. She is recently retired from her position as Staff Assistant to Mayor Tom Barrett.

Lucille Rosenberg Lucille Rosenberg is a writer of memoirs and poetry, her worldview formed by her depression-era childhood in Fond du Lac, where she lived with her two siblings and immigrant parents in back of their Ready-to-Wear store. Twelve years ago she retired from her work as a pediatrician and child psychiatrist. She continues to be involved with community agencies dedicated to children and is a major supporter of the arts and social justice in Milwaukee.

To purchase tickets or more information on this event, call 414.263.5001.

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