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Avol's Bookstore & Woodland Pattern Book Center present poet, performance writer & literary theorist Bruce Andrews, reading with Milwaukee poet Paul Vogel


Bruce Andrews is (since 1975) a New York City-based poet, performance writer, literary theorist & recently retired left-wing political science professor. As Musical Director for Sally Silvers & Dancers, he has created sound designs & live mixes of music & text for over two decades of performances. Most recent of a dozen or so big books is You Can’t Have Everything... Where Would You Put It! (from Veer Books in London). An expanded web archive of his work & commentary on it is available here



Milwaukee poet Paul Vogel received his MA from UW-Milwaukee and teaches English at Waukesha County Technical College and Concordia University Wisconsin. His latest chapbook, Invisible Cities, was published in 2015 by Adjunct Press.




thinking thinking   


Touch Screen to Begin


geek slo-mo


continuity comes later










caught with more meat in your mouth


gisto facto




fake arms




thinking loving    


at home he’s a condom


put some slink in it


blurt past


wearing a little furry mask


or exactly what you do or exactly what happens


so we’re on a first name basis


meaning is just nostalgia now




actin’ like


that’s weird, I said





thinking protest    


say ‘Speak to an Agent’


gears gears up


all too eagle


I will step on your face


function fucks form


cross-dressing neutrinos


oh I can’t deal with this shit


icing on the cake


objects need adventure too






which you totally nailed


well, run the experiment again




get to your space station


if I get through a few sentences a day...



          -Bruce Andrews, from ROCK 'N' RULE


From there, after six days and seven nights, you arrive at        , where merchants trade in the usual: slaves, heroin, biotech, body enhancement prosthetics, shoe dipping, transparent clothing, and light weaponry.


Due to the economic modernization, people are separated from longstanding local identities. The Internet has filled this gap, providing a basis for identity and commitment.


A Synthetic telepathy interface brain–machine connects a vast construct of artificially linked blobjects who live in a constant state of systemic lethargy and demotivation.


Hyperstructure "hives" are the main system of housing large populations. The majority of the population, however, live in the glop outside of the enclaves within an environment that has been largely destroyed by chemicals, mining and monoculture.


Peace is assured by administration of an injected drug designed to suppress emotions. Automatons hunt the shadows.


Aboriginal test subjects trade data discs for vaccines.


Abandoned children sniff glue to stave off hunger while passersby grasp at gadgets and gaze at screens.



          -Paul Vogel, from Invisible Cities