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Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

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Dhamma MKE

July 5 -28

AVIARY: Painting by Ken Wood

July 18

Formations Series for New and Improvised Music

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Poetry FEST in the Park

August 1 - Sep 26

The Point Being works by Thomas Gaudynski

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August 2

Poetry Reading: Patricia Killelea & Angela Trudell Vasquez

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August 6

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Jul 5 July 5 - July 28
11:00am, Free and open to the public

On view in our gallery from July 5 - 28

In anticipation of the September 14, 2019 book release for AVIARY: Selected Paintings by Ken Wood we present 20 paintings from the over 120 that will appear in the published book. More information regarding the book release coming soon.

In search of words to capture his experience of Ken’s brimming studio, esteemed friend and colleague Carl Bogner posited an “aviary” of paintings among the possibilities. Bogner’s fond remarks, instigated during a KSE Open Studios, resonated in the moment and delightfully resurfaced years later in my thinking about the collection. Yes, how apropos. Aviary. There we find a container as airy and charged as a boy’s full butterfly net or hands cupped about a turtle or a toad. A place for study, observation, for careful pleasure in form and color and movement.

Ken’s aviary was aflutter with astutely imperfect hand-made wooden canvasses, populated with birds and coffee mugs and hearts and circles and words and by countless hours spent mixing and matching often sublimely muted yet vibrant colors. These surfaces often reveal themselves as palettes, spaces for play and contemplation, sometimes quiet and wistful, absurd and abstruse, jokes to himself, gestures both plain and buried. What is the role of intuition, what is calculated? A broken yellow coffee mug glued and broken over and over again reappears, when anybody else would just have thrown it away and moved on. So many reoccurring motifs among the everyday, the mundane, the ephemeral, the abstract. And now, I only wish I had come to know this body of paintings so closely while Ken Wood were still available for meandering conversations about them. -excerpt from AVIARY “Editor’s Note” by Kati Katchever



Ken Wood (1959-2016) was born Thursday, May 7, 1959 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the youngest of six children. Ken was quietly attentive to his environment, noting its details with care and insight. At an early age he revealed an offbeat, quirky sense of humor and an unusually perceptive eye for the world of nature he discovered around him. For example, when he was eight years old, he identified a Polyphemus moth in his backyard. Such habits of close observation surely influenced his development as a visual artist. -excerpt from AVIARY bio by Marty Wood

"Ken was a painter, a filmmaker, an ace technician, a patient instructor, someone deftly and warmly thoughtful in all his engagements. Which is to say that, among other things, he deployed his exquisite taste nimbly, had a handy and accurate moral compass, exercised with glee his sly and expert humor, and could, per Michael Walsh, make ‘the best martinis!!’ He was one of the best people you could talk to -- curious, open, funny, genuine." -Carl Bogner