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Event Calendar
readings & workshops
April 6 - Jun 27

Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

readings & workshops
July 3 - Jun 30

Dhamma MKE

readings & workshops
October 22 - Jun 24

Welcome Home!: A Veterans Writing Group

February 11 - Apr 5

Tarot: The (Re)Making of a Language

readings & workshops
February 27

Urban Echo Poets

readings & workshops
February 29

Visionary Narratives: A Workshop in Drawing Inspiration with Laurence Ross.

February 29

Reception for Tarot: The (Re)Making of a Language

readings & workshops
March 1 -29

On the Front Lines, Behind the Lines: Writing Protest Poetry with Margaret Rozga.

film & video
March 6

aCinema Screening

readings & workshops
March 12

Creative Confluence: Research for Hybrid Writing, a conversation with Heid E. Erdrich

readings & workshops
March 12

Poetry Reading: Heid E. Erdrich

readings & workshops
March 14

Poetry & Pi(e) featuring Vida Cross + Chuck Stebelton

March 19

Formations Series for New and Improvised Music

readings & workshops
March 20

Poetry Reading: Mark Bibbins + Elizabeth Hoover

readings & workshops
March 26

Poetry Reading: Eli Goldblatt + Charles Alexander

readings & workshops
March 28

Poetry Reading: Tara Betts + Jennifer Steele

Archived readings & workshops
Oct 2 Wednesday, October 2
7:00pm, $Give What You Can

Alan Bernheimer’s latest collection of poetry is From Nature (Cuneiform Press, 2019). Recent work has appeared at Across the Margin and at SFMOMA’s Open Space and in The Equalizer, The Delineator, and Hambone. The Spoonlight Institute was published by Adventures in Poetry in 2009. Born and raised in Manhattan, he has lived in the Bay Area since the 1970s. He produces a portrait gallery of poets reading on flickr. His translation of Philippe Soupault’s memoir, Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism, was published by City Lights in 2016. More information is at The Electronic Poetry Center.

Karl Gartung was born in Liberal, Kansas (a place, and a real contradiction). In college he became aware of William Carlos Williams, but his real education in poetry began when he was hired by Tom Montag and Karl Young in 1976 to manage their small press poetry bookstore, Book, Inc. During his employment interview Montag suggested he should read Lorine Niedecker; which he did, promptly. This was life changing, opening the live tradition of poetry in the mid twentieth century to the present. Without this, he would never have developed as a reader and writer.

In 1979 he cofounded, with Anne Kingsbury and Karl Young, the Woodland Pattern Book Center. Through Book, Inc. and Woodland Pattern he became friends with Paul Metcalf, Dick Higgins, Thomas A. Clark, Walter Hamady, Jenny Penberthy, Kathy Kuehn and many others. With Kingsbury and Penberthy, he organized the 2003 Lorine Niedecker Centenary celebration in Milwaukee and Ft. Atkinson.

In 2008 Tom Montag published Gartung’s first book of poetry, Now That Memory Has Become So Important. This was a selection of work from 1969 through 2008, as much as he thought durable, not a lengthy volume.